BT Ireland Improves Quality of Service for Customers with Data Edge Performance Management Solution

Brian Mcbride BT

Brian Mcbride BTData Edge, the leading Irish network and application performance management company, today announced that it has supplied a service management platform to BT Ireland so that it can manage and assure performance and service quality levels for BT’s mobile, data and voice customers in Ireland. As part of a number of major contracts to provide high speed network connectivity, BT Ireland provides leading-edge multi Gigabit ethernet bandwidth to cater for ever increasing demand for data transport to its mobile and fixed line customers enabling them to provide competitive tariffs for its growing Irish customer base.
The Data Edge central performance management solution is a key component of the Total Transmission solution and provides a holistic view of data utilisation levels across the entire solution. It ensures that BT’s customers have access to high performance, uninterrupted voice and broadband services throughout Ireland.
Data Edge designed the performance management solution based on CA Mediation Manager (CAMM). This enables BT Ireland to measure, report and charge accurately for all usage, capacity and licensing. Improved visibility means BT Ireland can maximise time and resources, and predict exactly when and where capacity increases are required. With Data Edge’s solution in place and integrated fully with an existing CA eHealth application, BT Ireland is also now able to identify network problems before they impact customer service levels. With these network availability and capacity controls in place, BT Ireland is better placed to meet its SLA targets with customers.
A novel feature of the solution is the ability of BT’s management and customers to self-manage their SLA performance reports in real time through a dedicated Web portal. This has freed BT management to do other tasks and has given its customers increased visibility and reporting flexibility into the availability and performance of its service. The predictive information delivered by the new integrated system gives BT Ireland a further important competitive advantage as it can proactively identify heavily utilised links, and plan upgrades in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Kevin May, BT Ireland Total Transmission Programme Manager, said, “We need to ensure that our high speed data network and mobile sites offer consistent performance and availability to our key partners through all peaks and troughs in demand. Data Edge’s solution provides BT Ireland with a complete and highly intuitive view of our entire national Total Transmission solution. This gives us the insight and capability to make informed decisions and be able to deliver a better customer experience at every level.”
Brian McBride, Data Edge CEO, said, “With mobile data growing exponentially, it can place huge pressure on infrastructure providers to ensure end-users receive a consistent and high-quality service. We designed this solution to meet the evolving needs of BT Ireland, which is charged with delivering faster data speeds while simultaneously lowering the cost of access.
“This pioneering service enables BT Ireland to deliver better mobile data and voice performance, by providing on-demand data transport to its customers without increasing costs which ultimately benefits every mobile broadband user in Ireland. BT confirms that our performance management platform plays an integral part in this successful new model.”