Data Edge release Axon, the affordable way to avoid surprises when deploying new Applications & Services

Spirent Axon

Spirent AxonDesigned to allow inexpensive, risk free testing of new and updated Applications, Services and the Networks over which they run, Axon from Spirent Networks is now available on the Irish market through Data Edge. The unit allows the user to validate in minutes the performance of applications, network devices and IT services and identify problems long before they become customer issues. As a result, using Axon, enterprises can successfully deploy new applications and services faster and avoid costly downtime.

Axon provides a level of testing previously available only in specially equipped IT labs. Its interface is designed for ease of use and where limited expertise is available. Axon users can run tests in minutes to generate and model realistic traffic scenarios that benchmark and validate the performance of applications and network infrastructure.  For example, when rolling out new services such as video conferencing, VoIP or email upgrades, the IT team can identify and fix problems like bandwidth limitations, incorrect ACL (access control list) configurations or performance bottlenecks prior to deployment, thus  avoiding expensive post-rollout  troubleshooting and problem solving.  Using Axon, IT managers and network engineers can be confident that their new services will perform seamlessly from the start.


Intuitive: Axon makes testing as easy as using an mp3 player. Select a test from the pre-built library of test cases, build a “playlist” of the traffic types to be tested and hit “play”. Results are delivered in seconds and in an easy-to-understand report.

Practical: With enterprise-ready test cases such as end-to-end, site to site, enterprise and web app, and quality of service (QoS) testing, Axon offers the right level of expertise on a compact and portable appliance that fits in a single rack unit. Axon can be controlled from any web-enabled device such as an iPad or other tablet computer.

Proactive:  Axon makes it easy to incorporate proactive testing into everything. Now, enterprises can deploy new applications and services faster while avoiding costly downtime.

Affordable:  Axon packages high-performance testing expertise into an affordable platform, making it accessible to IT professionals everywhere.

Axon has already been purchased by a number of Irish IT companies.

Discover the next evolution in application and network testing with Spirent’s Axon.