Blue Planet – Service Order Management


Given their broad, complex, and constantly growing service portfolios, service providers need a state-of-theart order-to-service process to efficiently speed service fulfillment and satisfy their customers. Unfortunately, their legacy service fulfillment processes—which vary by technology and line of business—fail to meet these requirements. Legacy processes also hamper innovation, resulting in slow and expensive new service introductions. These issues slow service fulfilment and decrease on-time activations, which diminishes customer satisfaction and results in high order fallout rates and increased OPEX.

Blue Planet® Service Order Management (SOM) is an industry-leading service order fulfilment solution that overcomes these challenges. Using advanced catalog-driven fulfillment capabilities that streamline operations, SOM permits rapid service activation and the efficient addition of new services and technologies. Standardizing these service introduction practices and automating service activation processes eliminates hundreds of tedious, manual, and error-prone tasks, which dramatically reduces operational costs and accelerates business velocity.

Importantly, Blue Planet SOM leverages data already contained within the operators OSS/BSS and any other pre-existing platforms, as well as data from Blue Planet Inventory and Orchestration products to discover network capabilities, create reusable service catalogs, and provide catalog-driven, zero-touch fulfillment. Additionally, SOM provides insight into the order workflow throughout the service fulfillment process, including business process visualization, which gives technicians valuable, real-time order status information and alerts them to issues that can impact on-time service delivery.


Features and benefits

• Reduces order-to-service interval and speeds time to revenue by up to 99 percent

• Promotes innovation by efficiently enabling new technology, service, and product introductions

• Reduces OPEX and staff burdens associated with manual order processing

• Provides investment-protecting integration with existing OSS/BSS, orchestration, and CPQ systems

• Error-free on-time service activation reduces order fallout to less than 0.1 percent

• Enables a smooth evolution to automated service lifecycle management and NaaS business models

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