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Microsemi Time Analyser – 1588 N/W Readiness and Characterisation

TimeAnalyser is a set of comprehensive measurement and analysis test tools for collecting and analysing IEEE 1588 packet-timing data and traditional synchronisation signals. 


TimeAnalyser test tools are ideal for assuring IEEE 1588 PTP network readiness. These tools provide the capability to measure IEEE 1588 packet-timing data and traditional synchronisation signals. By collecting Packet Delay Variation (PDV) at the physical layer with hardware timestamps, TimeAnalyser tools deliver nanosecond caliber-timing accuracy. With comprehensive analysis algorithms, TimeAnalyser analyses PDV data and presents users with an intuitive PASS/FAIL result to easily verify synchronisation performance. By measuring and analysing Packet Delay Variation (PDV), network operators can characterise a network and determine its suitability for delivering synchronisation packets. By measuring and analysing Phase and Frequency, network operators can validate the synchronisation outputs of independent PTP clients. Both types of measurements are essential to ensure reliable synchronisation. With an easy-to-use GUI for measurements and analysis, TimeAnalyser software enables users to quickly configure the test system and collect PTP timestamps (PDV). Users can collect data using a wide range of sampling rates [1Hz to 64 Hz] for various types of analysis. The data collection and analysis can be viewed in real-time and off-line with displays in histogram, statistical, and PDF formats. TimeAnalyser test tools come in a portable device and are designed for use in both the field and the lab.


  • Packet jitter (Packet Delay Variation) measurement and analysis
  • Traditional synchronisation measurement and analysis
  • Packet synchronisation masks for intuitive PASS/FAIL result
  • Raw PDV/TIE display, histogram/PDF/statistics, MinTDEV, and MATIE/MAFE
  • Easy-to-use GUI with real-time display and file export
  • Precise timing measurement at physical layer with nanosecond accuracy
  • PDV and traditional synchronisation analysis with Telecom standard masks


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Time Analyser 1588 Datasheet