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In recent years, the public safety sector has been required to implement a screen recording solution to capture the activity on agents’ desktops synchronously with their conversations and action. For this reason, capturing and reconstructing the user experience in any given environment is not only crucial, it is essential. It is, in fact, the only way to determine what happened in a given situation.


Evidence Capture is a unique solution for recording video walls and staff workstations in large control rooms. It gives you high resolution, with high performance for safety purposes. You have a complete room recording solution.


The applications for screen recording solutions are numerous. They range from incident investigations and safety briefings to safety investigation meetings, training analysis and interface problem solving.

SkySoft’s Evidence Capture solution is a low CPU consuming  software  running on workstations.


Resolution up to 4K with lossless quality for CCTV content

  • Choice of Hardware or Software solution.
  • Up to 8 screens per PC.
  • Up to 60fps
  • Very low CPU and GPU usage
  • Specific high performance Skysoft compression codec.
  • Synchronized with voice recording and all input device actions.
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