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Spirent Tech-X Flex is the field test solution for all telco and cable providers, enabling qualification of the service and troubleshooting of transport and service related issues within the consumer’s home and in the outside plant.

Spirent’s new modular platform has been designed for use in a wide range of applications, equally suited to testing inside the home as for outside plant environments. Its high resolution, touch screen display and powerful processing capability delivers the most advanced test set on the market. Coupled with its ability to push data to almost any external location, Tech-X Flex offers a level of capability normally associated with a PC–not a test set with such a small form factor.

The in-home network is considered one of the last major hurdles service providers will have to overcome to efficiently deliver Triple Play services to the consumer. Previously, the in-home network was the responsibility of the consumer. However, providers have spent billions of dollars on both network and access infrastructure. They now view the in-home network as a potential stumbling block which can mean keeping or losing subscribers. The high penetration of cable TV and satellite services has resulted in ready-to-use network installations of coaxial cabling within the subscriber home. New technologies such as MoCA and HPNA have been developed to operate on these networks and allow high-speed transfer of video between devices within the home.

With new in-home technologies come additional requirements for maintaining and troubleshooting. Tech-X Flex provides a complete set of test features to ensure any problems within the home are diagnosed and resolved in an efficient and timely manner–ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction.


  • The only Telco and Cable field tester you’ll ever need
  • Technician quickly diagnoses in home service troubles reducing Opex
  • Modular platform future-proofs tester investment reducing further Capex
  • Enhanced technology increases installation and maintenance technician productivity by decreasing ticket repeats increases customer satisfaction
  • Integrates field force operations
  • Provides transport and services testing for Triple Play service!


  • Modular platform architecture
  • Ruggedised design meets stringent outside plant requirements
  • Large, color VGA touch-screen display with Extended battery pack performance
  • Back-office integration capability for test results, trouble ticketing and work force systems
  • Passive Video Monitoring and MoCA or Ethernet
  • Wireless Network identification and connection validation
  • Integral Web browser
  • IP Testing: Ping, Trace Route, FTP
  • Optional modules include: MoCA, HPNA, RF, Copper, and DSL


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