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Vonaq QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester

QuickTest 500 Handheld ADSL/2/2+ Tester With VoIP and IPTV test options


  • Rapid Testing. The QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester’s automatic Service Verification Test Suite starts as soon as you switch on (results are typically obtained in less than 3 minutes)
  • Simple to use. Virtually no product training required with QuickTest 500 ADSL Tester
  • Configurable Pass / Fail Indicators on the LCD display and clearly presented in multi-colour LEDs on the front panel
  • No need to get a laptop out
  • Save and name up to 16 test results at any one time
  • Line Voltage LED indicates poor, missing or excessive Line Voltage
  • ADSL/2/2+ Test LEDs to indicate if ADSL Showtime achieved
  • In Service LED indicates problems with PPP or IP layer
  • LEDs to indicate problems with the Trained Line Rate, poor Noise Margin or excessive Line Attenuation


  • Incorrect MDF Jumpering
  • No Line Voltage
  • Incorrectly Configured DSLAM Ports
  • Poor Line Rate
  • Poor Noise Margin
  • Excessive Line Attenuation
  • Line Voltage Problems
  • IP Layer Faults - identified by a comprehensive IP test suite
  • The Web Interface provides additional comprehensive test results in a report format, which can be saved, named and backed up to a PC
From start up, the QuickTest 500 ADSL Tester script progress is shown on the LCD display, informing you of any problems.
Vonaq Quicktest 500 1
The current test results are easy to interpret with clear Pass/Fail indications 85 and detailed results are easy to access.
Vonaq Quicktest 500 2
A full suite of high layer tests are presented on the ADSL Tester's display screen from Ping Test of Destination, Default Gateway and DNS servers through to HTTP, FTP and the optional IPTV service tests. Simple Pass / Fail results are presented in addition to detailed measurement results.
Vonaq Quicktest 500 3
The Popular LEDs of the QuickTest 100 with configurable Pass / Fail thresholds remain present on the QuickTest 500 ADSL Tester. This makes it very fast to check for:
  • No Line Voltage
  • Poor Line Rate
  • Poor Noise Margin
  • Excessive Line Attenuation


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