Procedures for Calibration

1. List of all products, requested details as follows:

Description, Title, Make/Model, Serial Number, Manufacture.
Assign a unique Data Edge tracking number (lifetime).
Enter all end user contact details.

2. Quote Customer, including Carriage,

Optional advance replacement.

3. Purchase order from Customer.

(Add separate parts – from an advance replacement situation).

4. Receive units into Data Edge, check all units working.

If not start repair procedure.

5. Purchase order to Suppliers.

6. Ship units to Suppliers.

7. Follow up see if units are ready.

If delay inform customer.

8. Receive Units back into Data Edge.

Power up all units making sure all units are working and all have calibration Certificates, put Data Edge tracking number on each unit.

9. Ring customer to find out where the units need to be send and send out invoice.

10. Ring customer in 3 to 4 days make sure customer received units and are happy.