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Background on PIM

PIM is a growing issue for mobile network operators. PIM problems may occur as existing equipment ages, when co-locating new carriers, or when installing new equipment. PIM is a particular issue when overlaying (diplexing) new carriers into old antenna runs. Its effect is to increase dropped calls at the affected site and reduce data upload speeds from your device.

PIM can create interference that will reduce a cell’s receive sensitivity or even block calls. This interference can affect both the cell that creates it, as well as other nearby receivers. PIM is created by high transmitter power, so PIM testing needs to be done at or above the original transmitter power levels to make sure that the test reveals any PIM issues.

It is analogous to trying to have a conversation in a noisy room. When the room is quiet, you can speak normally and people can hear you. When the room becomes noisy, only those close by can hear you and you may have to speak more slowly.



PIM Audit Service Overview

This Service will include analysis and attempted PIM reduction/correction. The Data Edge test engineer is typically accompanied by a fully equiped cable installation professional.

Anritsu – Understanding PIM

The equipment used is ;

PIM Master™ MW82119A

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