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Argus 126

The ARGUS 126 tests ISDN, POTS and X.21 and can also be upgraded to a Next Generation Voice Tester optionally.

The premium tester for all of the most common interfaces providing support for easily testing and installing E1, PRI and BRI (with optional support available for the U-interface and X.21) accesses.

The Argus 126 is the premium tester for PRI, BRI, and POTS accesses as well as for permanent circuits. On a PRI or BRI, it supports TE/NT simulation and monitoring and can save the data in its 16 MB of internal memory and decode it. Additionally, this tester offers an E1 bit error rate test (MegaBERT) and charging of the accumulators.

  • PRI and BRI interfaces in TE/NT mode + D-channel passive monitoring
  • E1 bit error rate test (MegaBERT) with n x 64kBit/s
  • POTS interfaces in TE mode
  • Optional support for X.21 and U interfaces
  • 16 MB internal memory for D-channel data
  • Permanent circuit test (including the D-channel(s) on a BRI or E1-PRI access)
  • Test of n x 64 kBit/s
  • Support for private protocols
  • Intuitive menu and operation
  • Automatic test sequence (AutoTest) with results saved
  • Data transfer to a PC + optional remote control from a PC
  • Powered by the BRI access, battery, accumulator or plug-in power supply (can recharge the accumulators in the tester)
  • Flash-ROM technology for software updates via a PC
  • Bit error test with support for 2E23-1 bit patterns
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