Blue Planet Portfolio

Accelerating digital transformation with service lifecycle automation

Network operators are digitally transforming and evolving the way their businesses operate. The objectives are to improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs, and increase network and service agility, ultimately reducing the time it takes to create and deliver a new generation of on-demand digital services. This transformation involves breaking away from legacy customized OSS solutions by virtualizing networks, and embracing open standard APIs to intelligently automate the services lifecycle.


The Blue Planet intelligent automation portfolio provides the key software components network operators need to streamline and digitize the entire service delivery lifecycle—from design to activation and assurance. The open and modular Blue Planet product family includes dynamic inventory, service order management, multi-domain service orchestration, unified assurance and analytics, and more. At the same time, all Blue Planet products are cloud-native and vendor-agnostic, ensuring that they interoperate seamlessly with other vendors’ products, and are easy to integrate—without requiring extensive customization


Unified, accurate, end-to-end view of network and services

Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) provides a unified, accurate, end-to-end view of network and services resources. BPI federates operational data from multiple existing systems, synchronizing it with real-time data from the multi-vendor network, and creating a single ‘source of truth’ that accurately reflects the current state of the network. This enables a pragmatic approach to simplifying and automating key operational processes.

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