CA Broadcom

DX NetOps High-Scale Operations Monitoring 


With a combination of real-time performance monitoring and machine-learning driven analytics, Broadcom’s DX NetOps comprehensively simplifies modern network complexity through high scale, unified network monitoring. The solution enables full-stack analytics for assuring traditional, and software-defined and cloud architectures by converting inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow, and packet analysis into actionable intelligence for network operations teams. The platform is complemented by our AIOps solution that enables IT teams to establish proactive, autonomous remediation capabilities across applications, infrastructure, and networks that fuel superior user experiences. The main components and feature support of the DX NetOps network monitoring solution are summarized below:


In today’s application economy, business fortunes are becoming increasingly intertwined with application innovation and service levels. Therefore, it’s critical that the IT infrastructure that supports applications delivers high performance and continuous availability. CA Spectrum delivers advanced scalability and features that enable your organization to effectively monitor and manage its dynamic, complex IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual and cloud environments as well as software defined networks (SDN). CA Spectrum is a single platform that features proactive network change management, fault isolation and root cause analysis. With CA Spectrum, you can track, manage and optimize not only the network infrastructure but the business services running on top of it.

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