GNSS Simulation -GSS7000

  • The Spirent GSS7000 sets a new standard of excellence in GNSS RF Simulation for performance testing and evaluation of GNSS systems and devices for civil and consumer applications.
  • The GSS7000 produces a comprehensive range of emulated multi-GNSS, multi-frequency RF signals with class-leading flexibility, coherence, fidelity, performance, accuracy and reliability.
  • The GSS7000 provides numerous benefits to all those working in GNSS/system technology and application development, including accurate and properly-defined signals, comprehensive and feature-rich simulation and full control of all aspects of the GNSS operating environment, inherent repeatability and the ability to apply systematic errors and incidents that are impossible to realise using real satellite signals.
  • Application of Spirent’s expertise in producing GNSS Test Solutions acquired over the past 30 years, plus advancements in the performance and efficiency of the state-of-the-art core technology on which the GSS7000 is built, means that properly-defined GNSS testing is now more accessible than ever, at the entry-level for fundamental testing, and right through the series to the most capable configuration for advanced testing.
  • These benefits make the Spirent GSS7000 Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RF Constellation Simulator the essential choice for all civil and consumer device application test needs.
  • The use of correct and accurate techniques/models to derive satellite constellation and navigation data parameters commensurate with the applicable ICDs
  • Dual-RF Option (Available with SimGEN™)
  • Single Channel Utility for Single Channel Multi-Frequency Simulation
  • True1 performance in several key areas such as: 100 Hz System Iteration Rate (SIR) and Hardware Update Rate (HUR) 3mm Pseudorange Accuracy Zero Pseudorange Bias <0.02 Rad RMS Phase Noise
  • Up to 256 channels in one chassis
  • Highly flexible configurations selectable via feature licence keys
  • Three operating software options to cover all levels of test
  • Complete portability of Spirent SimGEN™ scenarios from other Spirent systems
  • In-field upgradeability of principal GNSS functionality and capability
  • On-the-fly, run-to-run re-configuration of constellation and signal configurations
  • All GNSS constellation types and all frequencies within a single chassis
  • Fully future-proofed for all advances in GNSS systems, signals, modulations, codes and data
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