Microsemi TimePictra

Microchip TimePictra 10

TimePictra Next generation synchronisation management system ensures control and visibility of the entire synchronisation network

As timing and synchronisation grow in importance in critical infrastructure networks, centralised management of this vital function has become essential to network operations. Microsemi® TimePictra® is a modular web-based synchronisation management system that scales and evolves with operational requirements.

With a multi-tier architecture – server, client, and database – Microsemi TimePictra 10 provides the scalability and performance to meet growing network services and business needs. The secure web browser client provides easy access and eliminates the complexity of client installation and VPN access. The Java application server, in conjunction with the database, provides comprehensive business logic to support management of network functions.

Synchronisation Management is Essential

Applications such as 4G/LTE mobile networks, Smart Grid power station control, and high-frequency trading have increased the requirements for accurate and precise timing. At the same time, next-generation networks rely on packet protocols for the distribution of timing over synchronous or asynchronous physical media. As a result, centralised visibility and management of network timing has become essential in ensuring reliable network performance and the successful delivery of services.

Attractive Entry

Network operators that have not previously managed their synchronisation network can obtain ownership of this critical function without making a major investment in new hardware, database platforms, or software capabilities. TimePictra Release 10 is platform independent and can run on a Linux PC server or a server as a virtualisation instance. TimePictra supports the free, open source MySQL database as well as the industry-leading Oracle 11g solution, and the user client is a standard Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer browser.

Full FCAPS Plus Advanced Features

TimePictra is comprised of basic software and software options. The basic software comes with comprehensive support for the standard FCAPS capabilities: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting (Inventory) Management, Performance Management, and Security Management. It also includes a geographical topology map, a navigation tree with domain hierarchy, and dashboard reporting of alarms, inventory, user login, and license installation information.

In addition to these standard FCAPS capabilities, advanced feature options are available. Each option is enabled by a software license key with no additional installation required. The modular architecture allows network operators to deploy TimePictra to meet current needs while simplifying future upgrades to meet future business requirements. Options include capabilities that enhance security, performance monitoring, the reporting function, as well as an option for creating management groups to simplify policy administration in large networks, and the ability to customise the dashboard for each user.

End-to-End Visibility of IEEE 1588 PTP

With next-generation networks increasingly standardising on the IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), TimePictra allows network operators not only to manage the PTP Grandmaster clocks in the network, but also to monitor the health and performance of PTP slave clocks distributed throughout the network – including clients not supplied by Microsemi. It can add or delete slave clocks and monitor their status based on sync flow detection. An alarm is created if a clock disappears from the network. When Microsemi clients are used, TimePictra will additionally report events, status, and performance metrics.

Network Operations Integration

Many network operators integrate synchronisation management systems with their operating systems for centralised management of multi-vendor, diverse equipment environments. TimePictra enables integration of its northbound interface using SNMP for alarm integration and TeMIP northbound for alarm and topology integration.

Microsemi Global Services

Microsemi ® provides synchronisation services that assist customers with the planning, deployment and maintenance of synchronisation infrastructure. Services are designed to help lower costs, streamline processes, ensure quality, and deliver the highest level of performance from your synchronisation network. The Platform Maintenance service bundles together Microsemi’s industry leading technical support, along with all software maintenance. As part of Platform Maintenance, customers are eligible to receive all updates as well as all upgrades including all patches, point releases, maintenance releases and related documentation for their purchased version of software during the contract period.

  • Web-based multi-tier software architecture
  • Comprehensive FCAPS management functions
  • Software options for advanced FCAPS features
  • Geographical topology and domain navigation
  • User preference dashboard customisation
  • 3rd party PTP client management
  • SNMP and TeMIP northbound interface
Key Benefits
  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Intuitive Web GUI for easy management
  • Scalable architecture for future expansion
  • SNMP and TeMIP northbound OSS integration
  • End-to-end PTP management
  • PTP client performance monitoring
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