Microchip TimeProvider 4100


TimeProvider® 4100 is a family of solutions based on a hardware platform with a choice of oscillators that can be complemented by optional expansion modules and by unique differentiating software options that are made available in successive releases. This approach ensures the preservation of investments in a platform that evolves with industry needs and standard evolutions. 1G, 10G, ePRTC, vPRTC.

  • TimeProvider 4100 Release 2.3 builds upon prior releases by adding the following key capabilities.
    • Revised E1/T1 expansion module with Composite Clock (CC) and Japan Composite Clock (JCC)
    • Redundancy mode is added to ePRTC operation-mode to brings additional resiliency
    • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enhancements with higher capacity up to 1,000 clients
    • Dual PTP Server profiles per port
    • Resiliency increased capabilities with multiple PTP inputs and IEEE 1588 2.1 2019 majority vote with enhanced Assisted Partial Time Support (APTS)
    • Security enhancements with Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) support, two-factor authentication
    • Security : industry leading support for the latest IEEE® 1588-2019 standard security prongs
    • Enhanced performance with TimePictra® Synchronization Management System for status and configuration support
    • Enhanced Frequency monitoring with TIE, MTIE and TDEV with configurable masks and standard masks

    Flexible Architecture

    • Rich base platform with support for PTP, NTP and legacy frequency timing interfaces
    • Ports of many types : 4xE1/T1, 2xRJ45 1GE, 6xSFP 1GE, 2x1pps/ToD, 1 GNSS, 1 Craft
    • Optional Expansion Module with 16 outputs each separately configurable as E1/T1/2048 kHz/1544 kHz/Composite-clock (64 kHz)/JCC two inputs CC-IN1 and CC-IN2 can be configured as CC/JCC inputs to module (outputs phase alignment)
    • Optional Expansion Module with 4xSFP 1GE and 4xSFP+ 1GE/10GE fan out ports and 100M Fast Ethernet
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