Spirent Avalanche

Spirent Avalanche

The Upper Limit of Application Layer Network Testing

Don’t Guess. Know!

Spirent Avalanche

 Testing a security or content aware device is very different than testing traditional network equipment like switches and routers. The ability to create traffic that “emulates” not simply “simulates” traffic is the only way to understand the behavior since these devices look at the packet payload. Some test equipment will ‘simulate’ the payload with the same content over and over which doesn’t stress the device like if there was actual unique payload being sent. This ‘fake’ traffic will not only provide a false performance metric but more importantly a false sense of security potentially leaving your network vulnerable.

The Spirent Avalanche solution provides multi-10 Gbps capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers.

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World’s highest-performing rate tester for HTTP

  • 8.5M HTTP connection/second
  • 2.5X the current industry standard

Simultaneous realism and scale

  • Mix 80Gbps of traffic
  • Maximum user emulation
  • Maximum connections per second from a single C100

“Big Picture” analysis with trending

  • Simplified analysis of fore-ground and background traffic
  • Real time and post test trending
80 Gbps Line Rate Stateful Traffic: Provides the capability to generate line rate stateful traffic up to 80 Gbps per port allowing trunk ports to be directly tested or determine the impact of multiple GigE ports being aggregated over 20 Gbps. In addition the Spirent TestCenter C100 for Avalanche is capable of bidirectional testing and can operate in excess of 90 Gbps from a single Spirent TestCenter C100 for Avalanche. Flexible Load Profile: Flexible load profile offers testers the flexibility to specify load variables such as connections per second, concurrent connections, transactions per second, new user sessions per second and concurrent users. Expandable: The Spirent TestCenter C100 for Avalanche comes in a number of different configurations to best meet your specific needs. Configurations can be expanded to support up to 8x10G interfaces in a single appliance. Real-Time Statistics: Across all protocols and a reporting tool that makes analysing results faster and easier.


Network Devices Performance Testing: Provides performance and capacity testing on a variety of network devices including: Firewall, Application Firewall, Load Balancer, Cache, Proxy, URL Filter, Content Filter, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Reverse- Proxy, SSL Accelerator, HTTP/HTTPS Accelerator, WAN Accelerators, SMTP Relay, IDS/IPS, IPSec VPN Gateway and SSL VPN Gateway Application Server Performance Testing: Validates the performance of several types of real servers including Web Server, CIFS Server, Application Server, Mail Server, DHCP Services, FTP Server, DNS Server, Telnet Server, RTSP/RTP QuickTime Streaming Server, Multicast Server, RTMP Servers, NFS, and more Triple Play Performance Testing: Performs Triple Play testing, validates Triple Play service from the user’s point of view with realistic voice calling, unicast and multicast streaming video, HTTP adaptive bitrate streaming for Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe and simulates Internet data traffic using static IP address or IP address assign by DHCP over PPPoE, VLAN and Stacked VLANs (e.g., Q-in-Q) Web Application Testing: Performs Web application testing including Web services, SOA, ERP and CRM applications with Spirent Avalanche’s application testing capability to support cookie, session ID, dynamic link, automatic follow redirect, additional header, content validation, SOAP message, think time, variable think time and variable assignment Network Security Testing: Provides extensive testing for secure network communication, vulnerability assessment with over 3000 attack profiles SSLVPN for Cisco Anyconnect™ and user authentication including: IPSec, SSL, 802.1x, Network Access Control (NAC) and RADIUS
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