Spirent Landslide

Spirent Landslide

Wireless Data Performance Testing

Spirent LandslideSpirent’s Landslide Mobile Packet Core (MPC) test system is a comprehensive end-to-end performance test system that emulates millions of mobile data subscribers using various access technologies to simultaneously access the wireless network. Mobility—whether it is 2.5G/3G, LTE or “any G”, is a fact of life in today’s mobile networks. Landslide has the performance and capacity to fully test inter- and intra-technology mobility—with or without user-plane data, to help ensure the best user experience possible.

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Spirent’s Landslide is the premier mobility test tool for MPC network testing. Building on its impressive 2.5G/3G MPC and FMC test reputation, Landslide is the performance and scalability test system of choice for mobile network equipment vendors and operators worldwide. Its strong history of testing multiple mobile technology generations and successfully enabling operators to deliver high quality 2G/3G mobile services enables Landslide to meet mobile operator’s emerging needs as their networks evolve.

By emulating key wireless core packet data network elements and combining control plane and data plane simulation, Landslide provides real-world emulation of millions of mobile subscribers in various stages of activation, deactivation, and hand-off between cells, all while transmitting and receiving application data.


WiMAX (CSN and ASN-GW) MIPv4/MIPv6 CDMA Femtocell PCRF
UMTS IP Client Data WiFi Convergence PDIF PDG eHRPD
  • Emulates hundreds of thousands of mobile subscribers per test server
  • Emulates up to 2000 nodes (i.e., Base Stations, SGSN, PDSN, etc.) per test server
  • Performs nodal tests to isolate a single element or end-to-end tests to test the entire network core
  • Simultaneously tests control-, data- and security-planes
  • Offers detailed reports including summary reports, per-interval reports, and per-session reports


  • Peace of Mind—Landslide allows equipment vendors to accurately specify equipment performance characteristics under real-world conditions experienced in their customers’ networks. It allows service providers to measure the performance of their network and to validate new features and services in the lab. By simulating real users with real applications, Landslide ensures the transition from the evaluation lab to the live network is smooth and free of performance problems.
  • Ease of Use—The Landslide system features a powerful, easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows a test operator to quickly set up complex test sessions. These sessions can be saved, modified, and reused, allowing quick and easy creation of numerous scenarios covering various aspects of the test plan. In addition, test sessions can be converted to Tcl scripts for interfacing with higher-level test management and statistics collection systems.
  • More effective use of lab resources—Landslide’s emulation capabilities allow the user to test a variety of network topologies and mobility scenarios by emulating all necessary network components including subscribers, core network elements, and Internet hosts. This allows for more effective utilisation of lab equipment and reduces the capital expenditure and ongoing support costs associated with a test lab.
  • Unmatched Scalability—Landslide’s modular, high-performance architecture offers unmatched scalability and allows the user to simulate subscriber loads ranging from a small rural town to the largest metropolitan city. Landslide is composed of a manager and 1 to 32 test servers depending on the capacity and throughput performance needs.
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