WDP Server

For KVM Medium & Large Solutions

The WDP Server is the central controller of KVM Medium & Large solutions. It is responsible for all user interactions, from login and role selection to logoff. It manages the switching, control and surveillance of all devices within a WDP system. Designed for 24/7 operations, multiple physical WDP servers (Primary, Standby and DB+Console) work in fail-safe mode and are each equipped with redundant power supplies. Multiple WDP servers can also be deployed across multiple locations.


At a glance

  • Central creation and management of user profiles, user groups, roles and access rights, whereby any user can login and access their sources from any desk
  • Central administrative access for configuration and monitoring across the entire KVM system
  • Switching and control of IP Remote transmitters, receivers and smartTOUCH keyboards
  • Stores all information about user rights, devices and switching options in a database, ensuring data integrity
  • Logs all user activity incl. logins/logouts & access to sources
  • Location-based device management across multiple sites

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