Data Edge predicts €1.2m in new revenues from €50k investment

Brian McBride

Brian McBrideData Edge, the leading Irish network and application performance management company, today officially launched a new telecoms performance management tool which it forecasts will bring in new revenues of €1.2M before the end of 2014. This includes a first contract just signed with a major telecommunications provider in Ireland worth €350K.

The management of network operations for telecommunications companies has become increasingly complicated. Constant network configuration changes, and the roll-out and expansion of new services, have made complete network visibility extremely difficult. Data Edge saw a gap in the market and teamed up with Packet Design to provide a solution for telecoms providers to improve network reporting, route visibility, analysis and diagnosis.

Data Edge has also invested €50K to date in the research, design and development of its new reporting application which integrates Packet Design’s Route Explorer system with IP Performance Management systems like CA eHealth. This will allow customers to view SLA performance levels and generate self-service reports.

Data Edge has entered into an exclusive partnership with Packet Design to resell its product range in the Irish market. Data Edge has already won a significant deal with a leading provider in Ireland and expects to sign up a number of additional customers this year and next.

Brian McBride, CEO, Data Edge, comments, “To gain real insight into networks, engineers traditionally have had to query individual routers and manually correlate the resulting data, which is a tedious, error prone and time consuming process. SLA reporting, capacity planning, route visibility, fault finding, repairing and auditing are constant uphill struggles. Add cloud computing and virtualisation into the mix and these tasks become practically impossible.

“Operators told us they want a system that will allow their customers to self-manage SLA performance reporting from a variety of sources. At the same time, they want to speed up fault finding so their network engineers can concentrate on planning and implementation.

“These operators also highlighted a significant commercial issue – the gap between the design produced by the network architects and the network that has actually been deployed. They need to be able to carry out ‘what if’ exercises to determine the cost of extra services and increased capacity.

“With all of this in mind, we conducted extensive research into solutions that could help our customers. We discovered the Packet Design Route Explorer system to be the most advanced product of its type available. Its unique analysis tools extract routing information from IP routing protocols and combine it with traffic flow analytics to give unprecedented path-aware visibility of all routes in the carrier network and the traffic volumes they carry. This information delivers unmatched analysis and diagnostic capabilities.

“Many of our customers use advanced performance reporting systems like CA eHealth and wanted a tool to integrate the information produced by these systems with the Route Explorer system. Using complementary technology from our partners, Data Edge has built an enhanced reporting tool which we believe will become an important piece in the jigsaw for the effective management of modern networks.

“We are forecasting €1.2M in new revenues in Ireland alone from this new converged solution in the next year and are very confident of making inroads into international markets too. This could present us with significantly higher revenues in the coming years.”