AC Current Sensors


AC current sensors from 15A to 10,000A

Packet Power offers a wide range of AC current sensors to meet your power monitoring needs.

  • Split core CTs – 15A to 4000A
  • Solid core CTs – 30A to 400A
  • Rogowski coils – 100A to 10,000A
  • Pre-wired CT harnesses that fit in even the tightest spaces
  • Loose CT leads in a variety of lengths for any installation
Packet Power AC power split core CTs

Split core CTs

Split core CTs can be opened and placed around the conductor without having to disconnect the conductor or disrupt power. Split core CTs are more expensive than solid core CTs but the added convenience makes them the preferred choice for retrofit installations.
Inside Diameter Rated Amperage (A)
10 mm 15,  30,  50
16 mm 100
24 mm 100,  200,  300
36 mm 200,  300,  400,  600
50 x 50 mm 400,  600,  800
75 x 125 mm 300,  600,  800
150 x 150 mm 800,  1000,  1200,  1600,  2000,  3000,  4000
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Solid core CTs

Solid core CTs feature a permanently closed core. Installing a solid core CT requires disconnecting the conductor to pass it through the CT core. Solid core CTs are a cost effective solution when service disruption is not an issue.
Inside diameter Rated Amperage (A)
9 mm 35
15 mm 60
32 mm 200,  400
Contact Packet Power for additional options.
Packet Power solid core AC CT
Packet Power flexible Rogowski coil current sensors

Rogowski coil sensors

The most versatile of current sensor options, Rogowski coils are flexible enough to fit around irregularly-shaped conductors and minimize disruption to service during installation. Packet Power offers a variety of coil lengths.
Inside diameter Coil length Typical Amperage
68 mm 250 mm 100A to 1000A
147 mm 500 mm 400A to 3000A
211 mm 700 mm 1000A to 5000A
306 mm 1000 mm 2000A to 10,000A
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