Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A

Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A


The Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A is an all-in-one BERT and EYE/Pulse Scope solution for evaluating optical active devices in optical communication systems.
To meet the need for the fastest possible measurement speeds on production lines for active optical devices, the Gating Time has been slashed by 90% compared to conventional BERT equipment using remote commands and the EYE/Pulse Scope function is 300% faster. In addition, measurement times are much shorter due to the simultaneous BER measurement and EYE pattern analysis.

The MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software has a new, high-speed, jitter-measurement function supporting all-in-one measurements, such as simultaneous jitter analysis, and Eye pattern measurement and Eye mask test measurements. Moreover, the high-speed sampling increases measurement efficiency by cutting measurement time. And Combining the MX210001A with MATLAB supports WDP, TWDP and dWDP measurements for evaluating the waveform dispersion of specific signals.

Adding the MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software to the BERTWave supports Tx analyses (S21 Gain, Phase), and waveform simulation (de-embedded) using linear equaliser, filter, and emphasis operations; simultaneous waveform sampling and simulation support simultaneous Eye pattern measurement and Eye mask test measurements. Furthermore, combined tracking with the MX210001A software permits simultaneous post-simulation waveform jitter measurement.

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  • All-in-one BER and Eye Pattern Measurements
  • High-speed Remote Tests
  • Supports Electrical and Optical Interfaces
  • High-speed Mask Tests
  • Easy Operability, Flash Disk Drive, and Eco-friendly
  • All-in-one unit supporting simultaneous Jitter, Eye Pattern and Eye Mask measurements
  • Supports all WDP measurements
  • Simultaneous sampling and ideal Equaliser/Emphasis value calculation with Eye display
  • Simultaneous Eye Pattern, Eye Mask and Jitter Measurements for simulation waveform
Cuts Measurement Times
All-in-one BER and Eye Pattern Measurements Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 1 Simultaneous BER and EYE/Pulse Scope measurements using an all-in-one tester halve investment costs and cut measurement times. The tracking function supports easy BERT and EYE/Pulse Scope settings.
High-speed Remote Tests Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 2 The built-in remote high-speed mode supports mixed remote functions for batch processing multiple commands and cuts BER measurement times by 30%*1 to 10 ms. High-speed Mask Tests Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 3 High-speed sampling supports fast mask tests in about 12 s*, cutting measurement times. (*) Typical value when capturing 1 x 106 samples at bit rate of 10.3125 Gbit/s with PRBS31 test pattern, back-to-back. High-speed Mask Margin Tests Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 4 Various Measurement Functions
Wide Operation Frequency Range Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 5 The BERT function supports bit rate from 125 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s (with Option-090) for evaluating devices and application supporting 100BASE-FX, GE-PON, CPRI, 10GFC, OUT-2 and etc. Signal Integrity Analysis
The EYE/Pulse Scope supporting DC to 25 GHz offers signal integrity analysis using a variety of applications. ■Time and Amplifier Tests Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 6 These tests supports measurement of 0 and 1 levels, SNR, eye crosspoint ratio, eye amplification, eye height, eye width, jitter p-p values, jitter RMS, extinction ratio, rise and fall times, duty cycle distortion, and average power. In addition, the high-accuracy extinction ratio measurements close to ideal values are perfect for confirming the characteristics of optical modules. ■Histogram Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 7 Measuring averages, standard deviation and scatter of data in a specified area supports waveform data component analysis and troubleshooting. High-accuracy Extinction Ratio Measurements
Supports High-accuracy Extinction Ratio Measurements
■Excellent Bessel Filters Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 8 Bessel filters with the excellent frequency characteristics support high-accuracy extinction ratio measurement results. ---Jitter Analysis Function---
MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software
The ideal jitter analysis solution matching the application can be selected from either the histogram mode for measuring basic jitter analysis or the pattern search mode for detailed jitter analysis. Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 9 Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 10       MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software
Waveform simulation with transmission analysis (S21 Gain, Phase) functions as well as linearity, filtering and emphasis calculation supports simultaneous waveform sampling and simulation. The Eye pattern measurement and Eye mask test functions can also be used simultaneously. Anritsu BERTWave MP2100A 13

MP2100A Test and Measurement Introduction - An Eye on the World
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125 M to 12.5 Gbit/s BERT (MP2100A/MP2101A-090 PPG/ED Bit Rate Extension for PPG/ED) 156 M to 11.3 Gbit/s Bessel LPFs for EYE Mask Testing (MP2100A/MP2102A-061 to 085 Low Pass Filter Options) Active Optical Cable (AOC) Measurement Solution Simultaneous 12-channel EYE & BER Measurements All-in-One Solution for Simultaneous TRx Measurements and Crosstalk Tests Evaluation Transmission Characteristics of over Gbps Connectors/Cables J1512A 7.5 GHz Passive Probe Set MP2100A-052/MP2101A-052 Full Rate Clock Output Option MP2100A-091/MP2101A-091 ED High Sensitivity Option MX210001A Jitter Analysis Software MX210002A Transmission Analysis Software Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation Transmission Equipment Maintenance and Evaluation Solution Transmission Equipment Physical Layer Evaluation Reduction Setup Costs External CDR Board for Eye Pattern Measurement (G0301A External CDR Board (<2.667G)) For 10G-Band Optical Module Eye Mask Ideal for LTE CPRI v4.1 Optical Module Evaluation
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