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Anritsu MA247xD

Standard Diode Sensors (CW) MA247xD Series


The Anritsu MA247XD standard diode sensors are designed for use with the ML2430, ML2480 and ML2490 series power meters. They are designed for high dynamic range, high accuracy CW and TDMA measurements. These power sensors have 90 dB dynamic range and linearity better than 1.8% making them the choice for precision measurements. The 4 µs rise time of these sensors is fast enough for power measurements on GSM and similar TDMA systems that use GMSK modulation.


  • Wide dynamic range sensors (-70 dBm to +20 dBm)
  • Accurate CW average power measurements
  • Wide frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 50 GHz (sensor dependent
  • Calibration factors stored in EEPROM


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Accurate Power Measurements on Modern Communication Systems
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