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Anritsu MF2400

Anritsu Microwave Frequency Counter Model: MF2400 to 40GHz


The Anritsu MF2400 series lineup is composed of three frequency counters: the Anritsu MF2412C (20 GHz), the Anritsu MF2413C (27 GHz), and the Anritsu MF2414C (40 GHz). This series is ideal for evaluating mobile radio communications devices and circuits, and can also measure the carrier frequency and pulse width of burst signals. In addition to displaying measurement results on the 12-digit vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), frequency values can be read using the analog display function, which can be used for monitoring and is especially useful for adjusting the frequency of oscillators. Furthermore, the template function is perfect for assessing whether or not results fall within upper and lower frequency limit specification. Because the evaluation result is output from the AUX connector on the back panel as a Go/No-go signal, an easy-to-use, automatic measurement system can be configured using the GPIB function.


  • Measures carrier frequency and pulse width of burst signals
  • Analog frequency display
  • Pass/Fail evaluation for frequency range specified by template function
  • Measurement of any burst section using gating function


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MF2400C Series Microwave Frequency Counter Brochure