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Anritsu MP1595A

40G SDH/SONET Analyser MP1595A


The spread of rich-content broadband services supporting HDTV broadcasting, Video on Demand, online gaming, etc., and demanding high data throughput is driving progress towards introduction of next-generation 40G core networks. The Anritsu MP1595A 40G SDH/SONET Analyser is the ideal all-in-one measurement solution for assuring the quality of these ultra-highspeed networks.

A single Anritsu MP1595A unit can test both new 40/43G, and existing 2.5G and 10G equipment and devices. This analyser improves test efficiency and cost-performance by customising measurements for the application.


  • Optical and electrical I/Fs from 1.5M to 43G in one unit
  • ITU-T O.182-compliant random error insertion function for FEC evaluation
  • High-performance jitter measurement in combination with MP1797A
  • Full line of SDH/SONET/OTN measurement functions
  • Frame memory/capture (40/43G) function
  • Through mode for monitoring signals and measuring errors and alarms on in-service circuit
  • Optical power measurement and frequency monitoring functions
  • Remote control software


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