Anritsu Vectorstar Broadband VNA


Anritsu MS4647B_Front_400_wide

  • Broadest frequency span from a single coaxial test port covering 70 kHz to 70 GHz in a single instrument and 70 kHz to 145 GHz in the Broadband configuration. Extendable to 1.1 THz
  • Highest performance pulse measurements— PulseView™ offers 2.5 ns pulse resolution with 100 dB dynamic range
  • 4-port single-ended or balanced measurements using DifferentialView™ analysis
  • Superior Dynamic Range – up to 142 dB
  • High available power – up to +14 dBm
  • Best test port characteristic performance – up to 50 dB in Directivity, Source Match and Load Match
  • Most convenient automatic calibration system with best accuracy
  • Best time domain analysis

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