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Calnex Paragon-X tests 1588v2 PTP, SyncE, NTP, CES and OAM up to 10G.

Calnex Paragon-X tests 1588v2 PTP, SyncE, NTP, CES and OAM up to 10G.

It proves that Ethernet-sync and packet-transport products meet industry standards and work reliably under real-world conditions.

The Calnex Paragon-X lets you capture real-world Packet Delay Variation (PDV) profiles from your existing network and replay those same profiles in a controlled lab environment, enabling you to prove your 1588v2, CES and NTP Products will work in the complex world of Ethernet switches, routers and gateways before deployment.

The Paragon-X is also able to measure the accuracy of the recovered Time of Day (ToD), Phase (1pps) and Frequency (MTIE/TDEV) to the specified limits.

It also has specific features designed to test 1588v2 Boundary Clocks and Transparent Clocks.

  • Fully stress-test elements that deliver synchronisation over packet-based networks.
  • Prove 1588v2 (PTP), Sync-E, CES, Pseudowire, NTP, etc. implementations. to ITU-T G.8261, etc.
  • Prove 1588v2 (PTP) to the ITU-T Telecom Profile G.8265.1
  • Test 1588v2 Ordinary Clocks, Boundary Clocks and Transparent Clocks
  • Measure recovered Time of Day (ToD) and Frequency (MTIE/TDEV) to specified limits (G.823, G.824, G.8261.1.)
  • Stress and validate Ethernet OAM and MPLS-TP OAM ( Y.1731 and 802.1ag)
  • Capture real-world PDV profiles over long periods, then replay these in a repeatable, controlled environment
  • Edit and change PDV profiles before replay to tailor-make test conditions
  • Introduce packet corruption events, lost packets, mis-ordered packets, and repeated packets
  • Validate Sync-E and ESMC to ITU-T G.8262 and G.8264
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