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Calnex Sentinel

Calnex's Sentinel is the NEW All-In-One Field Sync Tester for 4G and 3G Mobile Backhaul, Financial Networks and Power Comms.

Platform Highlights

Calnext Senintel:

PTP, NTP, SyncE and TDM in one box
Embedded GPS receiver and Rubidium (Rb)
Fit for the field, fit for the network
SDH/ Sonet Network Test

Simultaneous measurements of multiple TDM (PDH/ SDH/ Sonet) signals
Standard industry masks per G.811/ G.812/ G.813/ G.823/ G.824

Calnex Sentinel

4G/ LTE/ 3G Network Test

Built-in Pass/ Fail limits when measuring the networks
Measure ALL parameters at the SAME time
Flexible network connection pipes
Test networks for Frequency and Phase
Standard industry masks and packet metrics
Test networks with Boundary Clocks and
Transparent Clocks


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