Lab Management- Velocity


Network test labs face urgent but conflicting drivers to accelerate testing, ensure quality and reduce costs. The Velocity Lab as a Service platform addresses all these needs by enabling multiple labs to be consolidated into a single, web-accessible resource which relies on automation to accelerate testing, reduce manual effort and maximize lab equipment utilization. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers who have adopted Velocity experience transformative benefits including radically faster test cycles and time to market, millions in Opex and Capex savings and reduced energy usage.

  • Actionable Insights: Highly configurable WYSIWYG editor to create customized, exportable dashboards, reports and KPI widgets with real-time triggers and event notifications.
  • • Open Access and Control: Complete documented RESTful API for access and control of system resources with supported data interchange using TOSCA and TBML.
  • • Secure Global Access and Management: Configurable Integrated Identity Access Management(IAM) and Role-based Access (RBAC) provides integrated business and system policies using LDAP, Active Directory and Single Sign-on.
  • • Adaptive Resource Modeling: High granularity of resource inventory enables greater flexibility to model the natural hierarchy of environment attributes, from lab geographies, to rack details, to device components, to application capabilities. This enables users to adapt and reserve their models based on their unique workflow needs
  • • Test Management with Intelligent Execution: Map any type of automated script from SCM systems (Git) to create, schedule and execute environment-aware test campaigns. Test campaigns can be configured to inherit changing environment attributes.
  • • Intelligent Scheduling: Calendar-less scheduling queue enables reservation of any system resource, based on configurable real-time availability attributes. Intelligent scheduling uses Resource Queuing, a unique just-in-time ‘micro reservation’ method of reserving and deferring resources until they are ‘called’ in a test script.
  • • SDx Connectivity (Software Defined connectivity): Automate any-to-any interface connections (L1- L7) based on environment workflow or testcase specifications
  • • Automated Instrumentation: Dynamically discover, orchestrate and provision physical, virtual and hybrid environments
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