Spirent TestCenter

Spirent TestCenter

Spirent TestCenter: Highly Scalable Switch, Router and Access Testing

Convergence is creating a new generation of integrated network devices and services that are much more complex than ever before. This increased complexity, combined with a scarcity of testing skills and architectural shortcomings in current test systems, is hurting the ability of manufacturers to ship products on time at acceptable quality levels. And it is slowing service providers’ ability to deploy networks that get Quality of Experience (QoE) right the first time. Spirent TestCenter is an end-to-end testing solution that delivers high performance with deterministic results. Service providers, NEMs and enterprises can use it to test, measure and assure their networks and deploy services with confidence.

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Spirent TestCenter provides measurement solutions for next generation networks—from traditional performance testing to the rigorous analysis of Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Mobile Backhaul, and High Speed Ethernet.

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Service providers, equipment manufacturers, product designers, and testing specialists trust Spirent TestCenter for its Performance, Flexibility, Realism, and Optimisation. By reducing costs, improving coverage, and cutting time to test—Spirent TestCenter is the Smarter Way to Test.


Supporting the latest technology is critical when it comes to testing. Making claims is one thing but publically demonstrating them is another. Spirent works with the leading test organisation and equipment manufactures to push the envelope of what’s possible. For example:


100G and Beyond

Data Center Fabric


From portable field testing to high port density, large scale lab environments, Spirent TestCenter solutions support the broadest array of testing scenarios with the unparalleled benefits of a unified platform.

  • Stateful Layer 2-7 Traffic Generation and Analysis
  • 1/10/40/100 GigE, Fibre Channel, ATM, POS Module Support
  • IPv6 and IPv4
  • Conformance, Functional and Performance Testing
  • Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability Methodologies


  • Evaluate the stability of switches, routers and edge devices under static or dynamic load conditions for minutes, hours and days
  • Characterise and troubleshoot functional behavior (including negative testing) of new network functionality in the development lab or before deployment into the operational network
  • Evaluate key performance parameters such as per-flow QoS, fail-over time or Access Control Lists (ACL); filtering performance
  • Perform comparative analysis of devices or services with deterministic traffic during product development cycles or vendor comparisons
  • When used in conjunction with any of Spirent TestCenter’s additional protocol packages the system can emulate complex network topologies and traffic conditions
  • Interesting Streams—this feature allows a user to create search criteria such as frame loss, rate, latency, jitter or other combinations of measurements; the system will find all the streams matching the criteria and present them in the results view
  • HyperFilters™—incoming traffic can be segregated into 64K different categories based on user-defined combinations of five filters operating on the frame data itself
  • Stray Frames Detection—the system can automatically detect stray frames (multicast, L2 and VLAN flooding/leaking) and bring them to the tester’s attention
  • Hierarchical Results (drill down)—Results are available at the traffic group, stream block, stream (with drill down) and flow levels
  • Tx to Rx Mapping—testers need Tx counts particularly for devices that shape and police traffic; Spirent TestCenter provides these counts and rates for 32K Tx streams per port with matching statistics on the Rx port
  • Industry-leading charting capability feature—provides more statistics to chart, high-resolution charts with user-specified triggering, and integrated control and data plane events on same chart with same time reference
  • Analysis of non-test frames—Spirent TestCenter can analyse frames, including applying HyperFilters, to live traffic
  • Intelligent Results allows users to quickly identify the problematic areas
  • Real-time Tx controls enables the tester to troubleshoot problems by altering the test while it is running
  • Real-time results views allow the user to see how the device responds to changes in the test conditions without having to stop the test and save the results
  • Real-time capture/decode—detailed analysis of interactions between Spirent TestCenter and the DUT without having to halt transmission
  • Comprehensive capture filters allow the user to isolate problem frames/exchanges from the traffic torrent at 10G wire rate
  • Comprehensive Logging ensures no critical events are missed while allowing the user to filter out all but the key events
  • The system can analyse non-Spirent TestCenter traffic to troubleshoot production networks
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