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No More War Rooms  – Dynatrace Application Monitoring

dynatrace 1Out with the old. In with the new. Dynatrace Application Monitoring detects and diagnoses problems in real time,drilling down to the offending code for lightning fast resolution. It automatically sees and analyzes every user transaction, all the time. It even integrates with CI/CD solutions to automatically check performance in your build pipeline, before you ever get to production. Get application performance insight for Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, z/OS, Nginx Cloud Services, and more.  Kiss your war room goodbye.

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The Black Box Mystery. Solved. Data Centre Real User Monitoring (DCRUM)

dynatrace2Mysteries belong in detective novels, not in your data centre. You need to see what’s going on inside ‘black box’
enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Exchange and Citrix. Data Centre Real User Monitoring (RUM) applies powerful, real-time analytics to deliver unparalleled insight into performance, availability and employee activities. Now you can accurately detect and resolve problems you were previously blind to. No more mysteries.

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dynatrace3Dynatrace is the most efficient way to monitor web-scale applications. The smartscape technology providesCIOs and their teams with full operational insights out-of-the-box throughout the entire technology stack. The artificial intelligence identifies problems for you and pinpoints their underlying root causes in seconds. Cloud-based applications and microservices architectures are becoming the new normal. These highly dynamic application environments require a new approach to monitoring.

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