WEY Distribution Platform

The WEY Distribution Platform provides a new user experience with ergonomic workplaces and a unique operating concept.


WEY Distribution Platform – Unique KVM Switching Solution

WEY Distribution Platform 1

WEY is the only provider worldwide that makes it possible to switch and distribute any and all data sources and PC interfaces in any combination to an unlimited number of desks.

WEY makes your business more profitable, secure and efficient

WEY Distribution Platform 2

WDP is the solution for modern IT environments with a focus on ease of use, simplified management and administration, security and ergonomics.

Multiple and varied systems can be merged onto one platform.  The systems are efficiently and reliably managed using a powerful operating concept.

  • Outperforms in terms of ROI, availability and system stability
  • Masters every remotisation challenge in real-time
  • Requires neither software nor drivers
  • Swiss quality engineering and professional services

WEY Distribution Platform Highlights

WEY Distribution Platform 3

The WEY Distribution Platform switches local and remote computers and distributes the signals securely and latency free to the desks. This enables individual or shared access to all sources from all desks. Furthermore, system access can be logged per user.

The WEY Distribution Platform affords unique advantages with regard to security, efficiency and transparency.  And due to the scalability of the WDP Solution, clients enjoy a high investment protection.

Enhance your efficiency and increase your flexibility

  • Eliminate distance restrictions between buildings and locations
  • Integrate all systems and sources onto one platform
  • Multicasting – simultaneously distribute all data streams
  • Seamless integration of Large Screen Displays 
  • Complete control over multiple PCs/sources with only one keyboard
  • Free Seating
  • Easy installations, moves, adds, changes and maintenance
  • True Channel Communications – switch PC interfaces independently
  • Full integration of Disaster Recovery locations
  • Low power consumption, CO2 efficient


What is the WEY Distribution Platform?

WEY Distribution Platform 4
The WEY Distribution Platform (WDP) combines the functionality of traditional KVM switches and extenders, adds an abundance of new features and is IP-based, which eliminates distance restrictions between computers and desktops — in real-time!  

True Channel Communications

True Channel Communications is a unique feature of the WDP. Video (DVI, VGA), Audio and USB data streams are all managed in separate channels and can be made available to authorised users in any combination. This principle is extremely useful when it comes to deploying Free Seating, and it provides the users with maximum comfort. Multicasting or Sharing, Free Seating and user-friendly access to applications and PCs provide a solid foundation for an efficient and flexible working environment. The distribution of serial input devices or acoustic signals are also integrated into the True Channel Communications concept.
WEY Distribution Platform 5

Benefits to IT

Maintenance and equipment administration is significantly easier when facilitated from central and secure system rooms. With WDP it is simpler, faster and less expensive to administer IT environments, eliminate faults and coordinate changes or system modifications.

Benefits to the user

WDP work environments optimise ergonomics by eliminating heat and noise emissions at the desk. Efficient devices and a single WEY Keyboard enable users to enjoy a clear overview and immediate access to all authorised systems. 100% of the PCs' computing power is available and the distribution of information (video, USB, audio, microphone, RS232, HID devices, etc.) occurs in real-time.

WDP in summary

The WEY Distribution Platform provides a new user experience with ergonomic workplaces and a unique operating concept. The centralised deployment and administration of information reduces complexity while improving maintenance processes for IT managers. Scalability and platform independence help to protect your investment and provide a future-oriented and leading-edge solution.


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