Managed Calibration and Repair ServiceData Edge runs a Managed Calibration and Repair Service aimed at customers who have large inventories of test equipment.
So why would companies want an outside party to look after this equipment? There are a number of reasons including the need to comply with standards like ISO, the need to ensure that the results the engineers obtain are accurate to avoid wasting time and the fact that most telecoms companies want to stick to their core business, which does not include running a Cal and repair service.Calibration is the process of checking to ensure that whatever is being calibrated complies with its stated parameters.

Cal Certificate

What is meant by a Managed Calibration and Repair service?

We look after all the logistics – everything from arranging collection with the engineer who uses the equipment, to ensuring it is returned with the minimum delay. We also log all the Cal dates so we can remind the company in good time for the next Cal. We also keep a copy of the Cal certificates. If we have a spare unit in stock, we frequently make it available particularly if there is a delay due to a repair being required. If the unit is not repairable we provide pricing for a replacement unit.

Cal Sticker

View our Calibration Procedure here

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