VNA system Demo

Anritsu MS2687B

Anritsu MS2687B12 March 2014: Data Edge, the leading Irish network and application performance management company, today announced that it will be demonstrating the Anritsu Vectorstar 125 GHz broadband vector network analyser (VNA) at Analog Devices, the world leader in high performance signal processing, on March 19th and 20th in Limerick.

Data Edge will be showcasing the innovative VNA system which is used by RF and Microwave engineers to measure the performance of items like Antennae, Amplifiers, High Frequency ICs, and RF and Microwave components. The Anritsu Vectorstar is used by many of the world’s leading research labs and IC manufacturers.

Data Edge plans to make this advanced VNA system available for further demonstrations in Ireland in the coming weeks. It also has demonstration units available of the world’s highest performance hand held VNA, the 20GHz Anritsu VNA Master. As Anritsu’s sole partner in the Irish market, Data Edge is the only local provider to deliver and support this leading-edge technology.

The Anritsu ME7838A broadband VNA system provides single-sweep coverage from 70 kHz to 11 GHz with operation from 40kHz to 125 GHz, and utilises an advanced design that eliminates the need for large, heavy millimetre wave (mmWave) modules and coax combiners.

The innovative system delivers outstanding raw performance for optimum on-wafer calibration stability, extremely wide dynamic range for enhanced accuracy, and the best all-around power-sweep capability for measuring power-sensitive devices.

Among the many advantages of the ME7838A is improved RF performance, due to an industry first, real-time power levelling control that provides the best power accuracy and stability to power levels as low as -55 dBm. The approach employed in the ME7838A takes less time, is less tedious, and more accurate than the conventional method of adjusting power level in the millimeter band through the use of electronically controlled mechanical attenuators and power linearity correction tables.

The Vectorstar broadband system provides an accurate and fast real-time method to sweep power for compression measurements. The result is that the ME7838A performs the most accurate gain compression measurements on high-frequency active devices in the industry.

The ME7838A is the first broadband VNA to provide good raw directivity throughout the entire frequency range, due to its innovative design and elimination of the MUX combiners used in traditional systems.

The design provides users with configuration advantages as well. Its use of smaller, lighter RF and mmWave modules reduces the need for large bulky positioners that add expense. The modules are also more cost-efficient, and free bench space that can be used for other probes and devices necessary for wafer measurements.

In addition to characterising high-frequency devices for communications designs, the overall performance of the ME7838A makes it well suited for many other applications. It is an excellent tool for analysing devices used in spectroscopy based homeland security systems, as well as radio astronomy. Additionally, it is a highly accurate tool for passive device designers in need of broadband coverage, such as connector and test fixture designers.

Contact Data Edge today and we will be happy to provide you with more information and can facilitate product demonstrations at your premises or ours.