DX NetOps – Spectrum (Fault Management)


Ensuring that your IT infrastructure delivers high performance and continuous availability is more critical and challenging than ever. CA Broadcom’s DX SPECTRUM delivers robust capabilities that help your organisation effectively manage its dynamic, complex IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual and cloud environments. With DX SPECTRUM, you can track, manage and optimise not only the infrastructure, but also the business services running on top of it. DX SPECTRUM is a single platform that features proactive change management, fault isolation and root cause analysis—enabling your organisation to improve network service levels, while reducing monitoring costs.



To proactively and effectively manage your infrastructure and services, DX SPECTRUM offers: Service-aware management: DX SPECTRUM helps staff discover, model, visualise, monitor and manage the relationships between the infrastructure and the business services it supports. Intelligent fault detection: DX SPECTRUM delivers patented technologies that automate device discovery and root DXuse analysis, speeding issue detection and remediation. Change management: DX SPECTRUM delivers the visibility and control administrators need to minimise the erroneous changes that often lead to network performance issues and outages. Comprehensive coverage: with DX SPECTRUM, managers DXn gain comprehensive visibility across physiDXl, virtualised and cloud environments, and across a wide range of technologies, platforms and vendors. Customised, role-based view: DX SPECTRUM offers pre-packaged, easily customisable dashboards and reports that DXn be tailored to the specific needs of administrators, users and customers. DX SPECTRUM is tightly integrated with other solutions in the DX Service Assurance and DX Service Management portfolio for optimum performance and visibility. 

Suppress symptomatic alarms and speed resolution with superior event correlation and root-cause analysis.

Map the relationship of your network infrastructure automatically to pinpoint the root cause of service problems for faster resolution. This network fault management solution identifies the specific component responsible for an issue, whether it’s a network configuration or availability issue.

Support corporate network access from wireless wearables, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Give network operators the tools to manage their wireless network, reduce outages and make your wireless network as stable as your wired network. DX Spectrum is a single source of truth for wired and wireless networks.

Integrate fault and event management across the Agile Ops and Network Operations and Analytics portfolios.

Deliver optimal user experience with fault, inventory and topology insight integrated with performance, application and log monitoring and a unified view across a full-stack NetOps solution; additional integrations include business service and service desk management. 
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