DX NetOps – Virtual Network Assurance (VNA)


Close the loop among traditional physical network environments and new virtualized networking technologies to reduce complexity in network visibility and planning. CA Virtual Network Assurance bridges existing and new network management capabilities to meet the needs of software–defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), software–defined data centers (SDDC) and software–defined wide area networks (SD–WAN). The solution provides a gateway for performance monitoring for CA Performance Management and topology and fault management for CA Spectrum for all the network components and layers within the SDN/NFV stack and application service chains.


Solution Overview

CA Virtual Network Assurance is a flexible and scalable software gateway add–on that provides robust capabilities to lower the cost of managing modern network technologies while delivering on the promise of network agility through:

• Comprehensive coverage via scalable and heterogeneous monitoring across the greatest number of technology stacks of traditional, SDN, SDDC, SD–WAN, NFV and hybrid–cloud architectures.

• Prescriptive analytics and easy health indicators that enable real–time performance analysis and guided workflows for rapid triage.

• SDN/NFV and cloud stack correlation that remove management complexity for healthy modern network operations.


• Comprehensive hybrid coverage. Broad capabilities to acquire, analyze and present metrics on devices flow and applications across traditional software– defined architectures and cloud end points to improve operational visibility.

• Support for Cisco and Versa SD-WAN. Single–pane, proactive health monitoring of traditional and new SD–WAN networks with correlation and validation to the application experience.

• Support for Cisco ACI software–defined data centers. Visualize the new network abstraction via discovery and collection of your Cisco ACI deployments, along with traditional infrastructure.

• Support for Nokia Nuage network– as–a–service. Monitor self–service VPN over multi–tenant wide area networks.

• Advanced scale. Provides 4 million monitored items at 500,000 metrics per second, making it one of the most scalable network monitoring platforms in the market.

• Extended overlay/underlay visibility through rich, Open API visualizations of integrated SDN/NFV metrics with SNMP of virtual network and cloud architectures alongside traditional infrastructure in relationships and building block views.

• Service–level fault identification that accurately identifies performance bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in application traffic within traditional, software–defined and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Critical Differentiators

• Full pathway to the cloud assurance

• SDN/NFV and cloud stack modeling

• Service chain building block views

• Expertise in visibility, flexibility and scale

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