Blue Planet – Inventory


In today’s competitive environment, service providers need to deliver new, dynamic services in an agile manner. However, the data needed to offer those solutions is typically siloed in legacy, static, inflexible inventory, and Operational Support Systems (OSSs) with proprietary interfaces, making the data complex to correlate and understand. As a result, key operational processes that rely on these systems—such as network planning, service fulfillment, and assurance—involve numerous slow, error-prone, manual tasks. What is needed is a unified, simplified view that allows operations teams to quickly access the data they need. Service providers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and launch more software-centric and on-demand services to meet their customers’ expectations. They need new inventory solutions that provide the flexibility to model new, dynamic services and provide an up-to-date view of the network so resources can be allocated rapidly, and service quality can be assured confidently


Features and benefits

• Create an accurate, end-to-end, intuitive view of all network and service resources—passive and active elements, physical infrastructure, virtual network functions (VNFs), logical services

• Federate operational data from multiple sources into a single ‘source of truth’ to dramatically reduce swivel-chair operations

• Improve customer satisfaction by optimizing key operational processes to deliver and assure services rapidly

• Leverage open APIs to achieve greater levels of automation across IT and network operations

• Realize time-to-value of the BPI solution quickly, by presenting views configurable for specified workflows

• Migrate to BPI and retire legacy systems in a staged, systematic approach with low risk

• Select any flexible implementation option—consume in an elastic SaaS model, or deploy in your cloud or on premise

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