Blue Planet – Multi Domain Service Orchastration


Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO)
Blue Planet® Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) is an open software that automates service design and activation end to end across physical and virtual domains, including any mix of vendors and network layers. MDSO leverages modeldriven abstraction to provide intent based networking, and utilizes open interfaces to easily integrate with B/OSS elements as well as with vendor-specific EMS/NMS and controllers. This approach eliminates inefficient operational silos while improving end-to-end service control, visibility, and agility.


With Blue Planet MDSO, network operators can:

• Shorten time to revenue by simplifying and automating service delivery across multiple vendor systems and equipment spanning the WAN, data center, and cloud

• Rapidly innovate new services and maintain full, self-service control of their network transformation

• Quickly adapt to new demands by efficiently and effectively customizing and optimizing the network

• Flexibly consume in a SaaS model, host in the cloud, or deploy on premises— in complete alignment with technical requirements and business goals

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