Blue Planet – Route Optimisation and Assurance


The Blue Planet® Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) Explorer Suite is used by the world’s leading network operators, enterprises, and government entities to assure the delivery of critical Layer 3 services across the cloud.
The ROA Explorer Suite uniquely combines routing, traffic, and performance analytics for real-time, path-aware operational monitoring, and back-in-time forensics for troubleshooting transient problems that can cause major service disruptions. Interactive modeling helps engineers accurately predict the impact of changes, simulate new workloads for capacity planning, and test failure scenarios to build more resilient networks. The network automation capabilities in ROA Explorer Suite, when combined with other Blue Planet products such as Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO), help network providers accelerate the time to market for new services and assure performance, enabling them to build networks that can readily adapt to change


Features and Benefits

• Multi-vendor, multi-layer visibility and analysis from a single product

• Troubleshoot hard-to-find problems faster for improved customer service

• Avoid unexpected service disruptions from network maintenance

• Reduce over-engineering, improve network redundancy and resiliency

• Optimize peering relationships and transit costs

• Simplify network planning and reporting

• Increase operational efficienc and maximize the return oncapital investments

• Build a network that can adapt, for a competitive edge

• Offers flexible implementation options—consume in an elastic SaaS model, or deploy in your cloud or on premise.

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