Blue Planet – Unified Assurance & Analytics


Blue Planet® Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA) is an open suite of software products that leverages unified multi-layer/multi-domain assurance and AI-powered analytics to provide unprecedented insight, helping transform and simplify the provider’s business operations. As part of the Blue Planet Intelligent Automation portfolio, UAA complements Blue Planet’s automated service fulfillment capabilities by providing unified network and service assurance across the multi-vendor network. This allows operators to fulfill services rapidly and meet customer expectations in service quality throughout the entire services lifecycle. Blue Planet UAA is built to power the Adaptive Network™—a network capable of dynamically self-optimizing and self-configuring based on real-time demands and pressures.


Features and Benefits

• Performs data collection processing and storage, supporting multi-layer and multi-domain networks

• Offers computational scale by integrating with leading data cluster platforms supporting multi-site data collection

• Provides an enriched ML library to support business-critical assurance and analytics use cases

• Supports intelligent, closedloop automation and adaptive optimization through open integration with policy subsystems, network orchestrators, and domain managers

• Drives business growth, improves profitability, and helps deliver customer satisfaction with flexible solutions that provide tangible business value

• Offers flexible implementation options—can be consumed in an elastic SaaS model, or deployed in the cloud or on premise.

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